Under the Rainbow offers research, evaluation, strategy and capacity development services in the international development sector. 

We undertake investigative research studies, assessments, evaluations and reviews of projects, programmes and organisations. We also facilitate strategic processes and develop knowledge and learning resources; provide capacity strengthening and specialist publishing services. 

Our work is informed by a commitment to a just and inclusive society, an openness to innovative thinking and doing, and a valuing of respectful engagement for achieving meaningful, ethical and sustainable change interventions.

We operate out of South Africa and work locally and globally.


Areas of Specialisation

  • Assessments, Evaluations & Reviews
  • Research, Writing & Editing
  • Knowledge & Learning Resources Development

  • Strategy Development & Planning
  • Strategic Media, Communications & Advocacy
  • Capacity Strengthening


Thematic Expertise

  • Gender Responsiveness & Gender-Based Violence
  • Women's, Girls' & Youth Empowerment
  • Women’s Rights
  • HIV/AIDS & Sexuality

  • Accountability, Inclusion & Participation
  • Civil Society & Citizen Engagement
  • Inclusive Socio-Economic Development
  • Social Change Communications, Technology & Innovation