Our Services

We are committed to finding creative, innovative and appropriate strategies for solving complex challenges, and in measuring and striving for positive social change. Our approaches privilege listening to people in their own voices, including historically marginalised voices and perspectives. We attempt to understand ‘real world’ social and cultural realities and challenges, drawing on the best lessons of our accumulated cultures, heritages, herstories and histories, combined with using new (and older) tools, technologies and approaches for engaging with social challenges.

We provide a range of services in the following thematic areas:

  • Gender
  • Women’s Rights
  • Women's,  Girls' and Youth Empowerment
  • Sexuality and Rights
  • Citizen & Civil Society Voice & Engagement
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Accountability, Participation & Inclusion
  • Socio-Economic Development

Strategic Process Facilitation & Strategy Development

We practice listening with integrity in how we approach facilitating strategic processes, reflections and strategy development. We support organisations to focus on what they truly wish to change, and to develop realistic and creative strategies for achieving desired change objectives. We integrate well-being and creativity into how we facilitate reflecting, thinking and planning, to intentionally process and release experiences that hold us back, and to open up space for open, creative thinking and planning with clarity and purpose. We are skilled at 'holding' difficult spaces, discussions and processes constructively to ensure all participants feel heard, valued, respected and included. Our facilitation services are in high demand and we respectfully encourage organisations to approach us as far in advance as possible to undertake this kind of work.

Assessments, Reviews and Evaluations

Through process-mapping we analyse, design, and evaluate various kinds of development interventions with a keen understanding of results and outcomes-based approaches for reflecting on learning and doing, considering change at the individual, family/household,  organisational and broader societal levels, including changes in knowledge, awareness, attitudes, beliefs and practices, and changes at policy, legal and institutional levels, including public spheres and policy-influential media spaces.

Multi-faceted Communications & Planning Strategies

Using the wealth of available communications, media and strategy tools, we strengthen media literacy and skills, model innovative strategies to match and reach specific target audiences, including audio-visual documenting techniques that build on local oral heritages, define and focus on key messages,  and plan strategies for achieving desired change results.

Research, Writing & Editing

We offer specialist writing and editorial services to document lessons learned and good practices through facilitated reflection, and the final preparation of quality written materials, viz. reports, knowledge resources, policy documents and articles for professional publication.

Knowledge & Learning Resources Development

Our learning resources utilise effective adult learning approaches tested through our hands-on experiences of capacity strengthening, ensuring practical and accessible application, interactive and challenging engagement, and learning by doing. In developing knowledge resources we approach solutions from the perspective of the user's needs and ease.  In documenting for knowledge sharing, we focus on capturing innovation and learning, documenting lessons and good practices, and facilitating the easy exchange and accessibility of information. We consider knowledge as a strategic institutional and public asset for sharing, learning, reflection and exchange.